Lane Kiffin: the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Remember that classic line from the movie “Friday” when Smokie asked Craig the question we’ve laughed at ever since?

“How the hell you get fired on your day off?!”

Gavin what happened to Lane Kiffin yesterday, one more question could be added to the “Quote Hall of Fame”:

“How the hell did you get fired from a job that you QUIT?!”

That’s right America, Kiffin is the only dude I’ve seen who was fired from a job he quit.  Alabama head coach Nick Saban parted ways with Kiffin yesterday afternoon – a week before the national championship game.  The folks at Florida Atlantic, Kiffin’s new employer, has to be shaking their heads right about now.

I know y’all are wanting to ask the following question: how in the hell did Kiffin piss away a chance to win a second ring with Alabama?  Jon Solomon from CBS Sports was kind enough to drop some knowledge:

“Kiffin bizarrely let Pete Thamel of Sports Illustrated travel with him while house-hunting in Florida and made disparaging comments against Alabama.

Kiffin on feeling isolated in Tuscaloosa and not liking daily 7:30 a.m. staff meetings: ‘This will come across wrong. But it’s like dog years. Three years is like 21.’ You think that might be viewed unfavorably by a coach who gave you a lifeline?”

There’s more…

“At his Peach Bowl news conference, Kiffin said he couldn’t recall any happy moments at Alabama and incredibly remarked that incoming offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian will do a ‘much better’ better job with Saban.”

So there you have it.

Look, I’m pretty sure it’s hard to do two jobs, particularly in major college sports.  Kiffin’s mind had to be wondering during the College Football Playoff semifinal lead-up and game.  But I always thought that Kiffin would conduct himself better than this.

And silly of me to think that Kiffin would have used the time working for the best college football coach who ever lived to recharge his batteries and better prepare himself for the next head coaching opportunity.  You know, MATURE?

I’m sure Kiffin is a fun guy to be around – and who knows, he may be able to win a few games at FAU?  I just wish he’d act his age, and not his shoe size.

I get the feeling that he may not be able to…

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