Adults Need to Take Control in Minnesota

You know that saying “don’t let the inmates run the asylum”?  Well, there is some trouble brewing at the University of Minnesota’s football program.

The university suspended 10 football players earlier this week after an internal university investigation into an alleged sexual assault.  Those players would not be available for their upcoming bowl game (Holiday Bowl vs. Washington State) next week.

Now the entire team is looking to take a stand of sorts, threatening to boycott the game.

“All these kids’ reputations are destroyed.  Their names are destroyed. It’s extremely difficult to get back and it’s very unfair for them and that’s why we’re sticking together through this thing.”  
— senior quarterback Mitch Leidner


Look, I get this young man and the two other seniors organizing this protest are supporting their teammates – their boys, homies.  But last I checked, sexual assault is sexual assault, no matter if the alleged victim was drunk or whatever.

And let’s just call this “protest” for what it is: it’s a damn mutiny.  And the coaches/administrators need to reel these young men in and make a statement – no one is above the law, and there are consequences for ANY wrongdoing.

If these young men persist, suspend their asses for next season.  Take away locker room privileges.  Hell, do something.

Time the adults at this institution of higher learning to step up.


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