2016 NFL Week 9 Preview

Game of the Week

Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders. 

Man, it feels good to see Oakland play in a game with the division lead at stake.  I’ve always said that the NFL is at its best when Oakland (and Dallas, Pittsburgh, Washington, the Giants, and Green Bay) is good.  

Problem for Oakland is they have not played well at home.  Maybe they are looking forward to playing in Las Vegas?

Denver is a great team, and in order to BE the man, you’ve got to BEAT the man.  Denver will STILL be “the man” after this game – but it’ll be a good one…  Broncos 23, Raiders 19. 

Thursday’s Game 

Falcons over Bucs (yeah, I called that one)

Sunday’s Games

Ravens over Steelers (those boys own us)
Cowboys over Browns
Chiefs over Jaguars
Dolphins over Jets
Eagles over Giants
Vikings over Lions
Panthers over Rams
Saints over 49ers
Chargers over Titans (can you believe the Titans are the ones with the better record?)
Packers over Colts 

Monday’s Game

Seahawks over Bills 

Last week’s record: 10-2-1 (my ass is on a roll, yo…)
Record to date: 69-47-2 (beefing up the overall, but TWO ties tho…)

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