Clemson Ranked Too Low, and Other CFP Musings

College-Football-PlayoffThe first College Football Playoff rankings left us a whole lot to talk about.  How crafty of them.

So while college football fans everywhere are buzzing over the CFP rankings, here is my two cents over the first 2016 CFP rankings:

Clemson could make a case to be ranked #1

Look, I get it.  Alabama is the defending national champion.  After all, “to be THE man, you’ve got to beat THE MAN”, right (shout out to Ric Flair)?

Alabama is undefeated.  The Tide has pretty damn good wins on its resume (at Arkansas, at Tennessee, Texas A&M).  I get it, I really do.

However, Clemson is ALSO undefeated.  It ALSO has pretty damn good wins on its resume (at Auburn, Louisville, at Florida State).  It’s not a stretch to make a case for Clemson being #1 in the CFP rankings.

Sure, Alabama has won in a more impressive fashion.  And while both have top-20 strength of schedules, ‘Bama’s (#7 SOS) is higher than Clemson’s (#18).

But I still think that Clemson could, …never mind…

Auburn is ranked too damn high

Does anyone remember Auburn being ranked in the preseason Top 25 polls?  Anyone remember head coach Gus Malzahn being on a hot-ass seat at the beginning of the season?


And now you mean to tell me these Tigers are now ranked in the CFP Top TEN?  How in the hell could that have happened?

A big win over an overrated Arkansas?  A win over an LSU team that was trying to find itself and eventually fired Les Miles?

Yeah, I know the Tigers are on a roll.  Their strength of schedule is high (ninth overall), and they have won five games in a roll.  But the wins over LSU, Louisiana-Monroe, Miss State, Arkansas, and Ole Miss aren’t anything to shout about.

The CFP Committee hates the Big 12

The highest ranked team (Oklahoma) is 14th.  And Oklahoma is a two-loss team.  West Virginia may be ranked a bit low, but their out-of-conference schedule leaves a lot to be desired.  And don’t get me started about Baylor.

And remember when I promised I would stop talking about the Big 12.  Thanks a lot, CFP Committee…

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