2016 College Football Week 3 in Review

img_7979Alabama, Ohio State and Louisville are the three best teams in the country.

All three teams scored impressive wins this weekend.  

Alabama came from 21 points down to beat Ole Miss on the road, snapping a two-game losing streak vs. the Rebels in the process.  Ohio State pimp-slapped Oklahoma (also on the road).  And in what was perhaps the shocker of the day, Louisville curb-stomped the hell out of Florida State. 

I know we are only a quarter into the 2016 season, but I’d be hard-pressed to find a better trio in college football at this point.  Are they REALLY any teams out there that can compete with the three aforementioned squads?  

I didn’t think so. 

Speaking of Louisville…

Louisville is officially in the ACC championship conversation.

I’ve said before the season that this would be the year that the Cardinals will crash the Clemson-Florida State party in the Atlantic Division.  Hell, the way they looked after punking Florida State, the Cards may be the best in the ACC.  

No team beats a then-2nd ranked team like that.  I’ll take it a step further, no one beats Florida State like that.  Not by scoring 63 points on them, and definitely not by 43 points.  

It’s not crazy to think that Louisville may be good enough to win at Clemson in two weeks.  This team is good enough offensively and defensively to win in Death Valley.  Dabo Swinney, Deshaun Watson and Co. may have something to say about that, but it’s hard to argue against the Cards right now.  

QB Lamar Jackson is by far and away the front-runner for the Heisman Trophy.  Scoring 18 touchdowns in only three games is badass, and scoring six against Florida State will get ya noticed.  

The Big 12 is a hot-ass mess.

After the rough offseason the Big 12 had, the last thing the nation’s most unstable Power-5 conference needed was more bad news.  

So much for that.  

The conference favorite has already lost two games (Oklahoma).  Texas took a terrible loss on the road to a mediocre Cal team.  

TCU already has an out of conference home loss on its resume.  Baylor’s OOC slate still leaves a lot to be desired.  

And Oklahoma State got hosed at home vs. a team from the MAC.  

Unless the teams from the other Power-5 leagues start falling on their faces, the likelihood of the Big 12 returning to the College Football Playoff does not look good. 

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