2016 NFL Week 2 Preview

img_7982-3Week 1 of the 2016 NFL season was epic.

A.J. Green and the Bengals conquering Revis Island.  The Chargers’ epic choke job in Kansas City.  Jack Del Rio going for two for the win in New Orleans, and getting it!

Now it’s on to Week 2.

Will there will be as much excitement as there was Opening Weekend?  We shall see.

Let’s go…

Game of the Week

Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers

What better way to kick off Week 2 than an early season contest between two teams that cannot stand each other.  Lots of unfinished business between these two since last season’s wild card playoff game.

While both teams are downplaying any form of retribution, you know that both teams are going to come out and try to punch each other in the mouth.

The Bengals are looking for some retribution of their own for the Steelers stealing (in their minds) the wild card game.  My Steelers are looking to continue the “big brother” role in this rivalry.  After all, Pittsburgh has beaten Cincinnati 25 times since 2000.

I think that while these two teams are in my mind playing the best football in the AFC at this point, my Steelers has the edge because this is their home opener.  Hell they better win – I will be at Heinz Field watching them (with my Bengals-loving wife)… Steelers 24, Bengals 17

“Who Gives a Damn?” Game of the Week

Jaguars over Chargers (Prayers go out to the fans of both teams.  Really…)

Thursday’s Game

Jets over Bills (I really picked NY to win – REALLY…)

Sunday’s Games

Lions over Titans
Ravens over Browns (somewhere coach Hue Jackson is cussing his own ass off for taking the Browns job)
Redskins over Cowboys
Giants over Saints
Panthers over 49ers
Patriots over Dolphins
Chiefs over Texans
Seahawks over Rams (great to see the NFL in L.A. again…)
Buccaneers over Cardinals
Raiders over Falcons
Broncos over Colts
Packers over Vikings (can’t wait to see the Vikes’ new crib)

Monday’s Game

Eagles over Bears

Record last week: 10-6 (not a bad start…)

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