2016 NFL Preview: NFC North

My 2016 NFL preview soldiers on today with the NFC North.

(In order of predicted finish)

Green Bay Packers (11-5)

Given the competition within the division, whether is via lack of talent or injury, the Packers should moonwalk their way to a division title.  

Aaron “A-a-Ron” Rodgers is far and away the best QB in the division, not to mention a top-3 QB in the league.  Green Bay’s offensive firepower dwarfs its division rivals.  

Even their so-so defense won’t get in the way of the Packers taking back the division crown…  

Minnesota Vikings (8-8)

Damn, talk about bad luck biting one in the ass cheek.  

QB Teddy Bridgewater’s gruesome knee injury put a HUGE damper on the upcoming season.  Now they have former Eagles QB Sam “My Ass Is Made of Porcelain” Bradford (acquired via trade) in the mix to become the starter.  

And with all-world RB Adrian Peterson toting the rock to go with a stout defense, it’s a damn shame. 

That said, I think the leadership of head coach Mike Zimmer will prevent his Vikings from giving up on the season.  Even still, that Bridgewater injury sucks…

Detroit Lions (6-10)

Here’s a quick math quiz for ya.  

What do you get when you take away all-world wide receiver Calvin Johnson, aka “Megatron” from an already mediocre team?  You get a horrible team that will be already looking forward to the offseason. 

QB Matthew Stafford and head coach Jim Caldwell must be screaming “got-damn!” to themselves on a daily basis.  

Chicago Bears (4-12)

As horrible as the Lions will be this season, they won’t be as horrific (yes, there is a difference) as the Bears. 

I mean, are Bears fans REALLY counting on overrated QB/sourpuss Jay Cutler to lead a team with a dearth of talent on both sides of the ball to more than five wins?  The ones who are need to be drug tested quick, fast and in a hurry…

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