Welcome to the Network Club, ACC


After years of rumors, upon rumors, upon rumors, fans – including myself – of the Atlantic Coach Conference got the news we’ve been waiting to hear since 2010.

The ACC is getting a network.  Glory, glory hallelujah.

Here is the details from Luke Decock’s column in Raleigh, NC’s “News and Observer”:

“After six years of deliberation and discussion, the ACC is close to an updated television deal with ESPN that will include the long-awaited ACC cable channel as well as innovative “over-the-top” components, content delivered directly to viewers via the Internet, known as OTT.

The announcement regarding a new ESPN deal could come as soon as the ACC’s football kickoff event in Charlotte on Thursday and Friday, where ACC commissioner John Swofford is scheduled to meet with the media Thursday morning.”

While the linear network will launch by 2019, the ACC Network’s digital channel will start this fall.

One more important nugget: the ACC’s new grant of rights also automatically extends Notre Dame’s contract with the conference as a member in all sports but football through 2035-36.  If the Irish forgo football independence in the next 20 years, they are contracted to join the ACC.

Before I go on, y’all have to understand the source of my elation.

For years, lots of people have been predicting the doom and gloom of the ACC for the last five years.  Fans and media members had been relegating the ACC to second- and third-class status.

And for some reason, some clown in West Virginia has been getting a proverbial hard-on from predicting doom and gloom for the ACC.  I mean, this dude just won’t stop LMAO.

Regardless, the ACC will not be going away any time soon.  In fact, it is here to stay.

So pardon me as myself, fans, and media members such as WRAL Sportsfan’s Adam Gold and Joe Ovies, as well as Tim Brando, Wes Durham and David Teel celebrate this milestone achieved by the ACC (and ESPN).  The ACC has arrived and has FINALLY joined the party of power conferences.

Typing that makes this North Carolina State alum breathe easier as I take the time to say the following again.


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