#DeflateGate Proves Goodell Is King

Well, the inevitable happened yesterday.  

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady decided not to continue the fight NFL commissioner/warden/playa hater Roger Goodell, aka “Goodevil” in the court system.  That means that Brady will serve his four-game suspension for his role in “DeflateGate” this coming season. 

Now Patriots coach Bill Bellicheat and co. will have to cast their lot with backup QB Jimmy Garrapolo the first quarter in 2016 and hope for the best. 

First, relax Patriots fans.  You’ve been through this before when Brady hurt his knee vs. the Kansas City Chiefs a few seasons ago and while your said didn’t make the playoffs, then-backup QB Matt Cassel led them to 11 wins.  

However, all of this could have been resolved if Brady had just come correct shortly after the news of deflated footballs became public.  All he had to do was ping Goodevil and say the following:

“Look bra, I know I used the deflated balls (hee-hee) in the first half, but I didn’t hurt anybody.  Besides, we beat the hell out of the Colts using regular balls in the second half.  

How about I pay the small fine, autograph a football for your kid, and we call it a day?

Peace out, homes…”

Instead, Brady chose to play hardball and while he was able to get a stay in execution last season, he finally accepted the 4-game ban.  

Look, I personally think this whole thing is much ado about nothing.  The Colts didn’t show up, didn’t matter if they used medicine balls.  

But this goes to show that once again, Goodevil has all the power and the players are pretty much neutered.  And they can thank their weak-ass union (NFL Players Association) for that…

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