2016 NBA Finals Preview

NBA-Finals-LogoWell, here we are folks.  This is the NBA Finals match-up that we all have been waiting for.

Golden State vs. Cleveland: the sequel.

This is a special treat (at least for me) because unlike last year, BOTH teams will be at relatively full strength.

The Cavaliers will have its full complement of stars at their disposal.  LeBron James should not have to worry about being worn done from carrying the load with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love fully healthy.  Cleveland’s reserves will not have to worry about playing excessive minutes.  Remember Matthew Dellavedova getting that IV shot in between Games 3 and 4 of last year’s Finals?

Oh, and they will also be better coached by Tyrone Lue (sorry David Blatt, but you sucked last Finals).

And while Stephen Curry is hobbling a bit from an injury from earlier in these playoffs, the Warriors do not have any notable injuries and should be ready to defend its championship.

I think this series will come down to what Love does.

Everyone knows that LeBron will come out swinging.  Everyone knows that Irving will be extra motivated to show America that Curry is not the only elite point guard in the NBA.

Love is the ultimate X-factor.  If he plays well, the Warriors may not have enough defensive stoppers to account for him AND LeBron and Irving.

And you know what, I think he will play well.  Cavs in six.

(How’s that for a concise preview?)

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