Breaking Down the Saban-Harbaugh Hissy Fit

Man, this beef between Alabama head coach Nick Saban and his Michigan counterpart Jim Harbaugh is getting out of hand.  And by “out of hand”, I mean “hilarious”.

Let’s review the timeline.

Earlier this week, Saban said that he wasn’t going to talk about satellite camps – you know, the one that Harbaugh infamously made famous.  That was then.  On Tuesday, Saban reversed coursed and added his two cents.

“I don’t know how much it benefits anybody because all the people that say this is creating opportunities for kids, this is all about recruiting.  That’s what it’s about. … What’s amazing to me is somebody didn’t stand up and say here’s going to be the unintended consequences of what you all are doing.”

Well, as one could imagine, this didn’t sit well with Harbaugh.  His reply to Saban’s rant was pure classic.

So Saban would be above the fray and not dignify Harabaugh’s tweet with a response?  Wrong.

He told ESPN on Wednesday in response to Harbaugh’s tweet, “I don’t really care what he thinks or tweets. I say what I think is best for college football and the players.”

As I said in the first paragraph of this rant, this is hilarious to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand Saban being a little miffed at the concept of satellite camps, especially since his conference (SEC) and the ACC were originally against it.  If he and his staff could not venture more than a 50-miles radius from his campus, why should anyone else have that advantage?

And I do not blame Harbaugh for exploiting a loop hole.  After all, since his conference (Big 10) did not outlaw satellite camps, why not take advantage and use such camps to recruit in fertile regions of the country – many of them in SEC (and ACC) territory?

Look, as much as I love seeing two high-profile college football coaches conducting pissing matches in the sandbox (and would LOVE to sponsor a “no holds barred”steel cage match between the two), it’s time for folks to be adults here.  So Coaches Saban and Harbaugh, here is what I would suggest to both of y’all:


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