2016 NBA Playoff Preview: First Round

254px-NBA_Logo.svg_The NBA playoffs are here!!!

Unfortunately like fans everywhere, I am waiting for the second round of these playoffs to come.

Let’s face it y’all, only four teams have a shot of winning the Finals: the Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, and MAYBE the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Because of that, these playoffs may go down as one of the un-eventful in NBA history.

Again, if y’all want the drawn-out, wordy previews, go to ESPN.com and Yahoo! Sports.  I’m gonna give y’all the “quick and dirty”.

Let’s go…

Eastern Conference

#1 Cavaliers vs. #8 Pistons

Analysis:  LeBron James.  Kyrie Irving.  The defensively-challenged Kevin Love.  Too much firepower for the Pistons to overcome.  That said, props to Stan Van Gundy for giving us the mix tape album cover of the year


Prediction: Cavs in a sweep

#2 Raptors vs. #7 Pacers

Analysis:  As much as I love the Paul George comeback story, the Raptors are just too damn talented.  The presence of George is saving this series from becoming a sweep…

Prediction: Raptors in five

#3 Heat vs. #6 Hornets

Analysis:  Ok, will THIS be the year that the Hornets will a playoff game?  I think they will.  In fact, I expect this series to be quite competitive.  Both teams split the season series, and I will not be surprised if this series goes seven.  But a healthy Dwyane Wade, a motivated Joe Johnson, and Hassan Whiteside won’t allow it to get that far.

Prediction: Heat in six

#4 Hawks vs. #5 Celtics

Analysis:  Every year has to have that one playoff series where not only both teams are evenly matched, but are equally boring.  Unfortunately for the fans, this boring-ass, “Cavs sacrificial lamb” matchup will go seven.  Enjoy the snoozefest!

Prediction: Hawks in seven

Western Conference

#1 Warriors vs. #8 Rockets

Analysis:  The only thing that’s saving this series from becoming a sweep is the Rockets’ James Harden.  Outside of that, that crapfest in Houston needs to be blown the hell up after the playoff humiliation.

Prediction: Warriors in five

#2 Spurs vs. #7 Grizzlies

Analysis:  As much as I would love an average Spurs-Grizzlies matchup, this is going to be pretty one-sided because of the rash of injuries Memphis has to endure.  No Marc Gasol.  No Mike Conley, Jr.  Those injuries, coupled with the presence of the unstable Lance Stephenson, equals embarrassing sweep for the Grizzlies…

Prediction: Spurs in a sweep

#3 Thunder vs. #6 Mavericks

Analysis:  Another one-sided, crappy first round matchup.  Thinking this is starting to become an epidemic…

Prediction: Thunder in a sweep

#4 Clippers vs. #5 Trail Blazers

Analysis:  If Damian Lillard was not employed by Portland, this would be an embarrassing sweep.  Oh who am I kidding?  Yawn, someone please wake me when the second round comes.

Prediction: Clippers in five

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