The NFL Combine Is Such a Waste of Time


Every time around this time of the year (the last week of February, to be exact), the same mindless exercise floods the airwaves of the sports media.  The same mindless exercise where coaches and general managers flood the good city of Indianapolis to watch a bunch of college kids strut their stuff.

The NFL Combine.

I mean, forget about watching those college kids on film.  Forget about watching how those kids played against the best competition.  Forget about the stats those college kids amassed during their college careers.

Let’s have a glorified get-together with a select amount of college kids and have them paraded around in front of general managers and coaches.  Let’s have those kids run meaningless drills that do not have ANYTHING to do with how they performed under the bright lights.

Ladies and gentlemen, the NFL Combine is such a waste of time.

No one cares about 40 times.  No one cares about shuttle run times.  No one gives two damns about how high some kid jumped.

What matters to most (including yours truly) is how well those kids performed every Saturday, particularly when the stakes were high.

I have been going off the last four years on why the NFL should take the Combine out back and shoot it.  I don’t, and never will, understand the importance of the NFL Combine.

I must say that I understand it boils down to two things: eyeballs and attention shifted to this early in the off-season, and money.  The NFL Network broadcasts the Combine live, and so many members of the sports media fawn over it.

Again, I don’t like it – but I get it.

Then again, without the Combine, we wouldn’t get moments like this:

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