Pagano Retention Was SO Irsay

ColtsColor me shocked.

That was I felt upon learning that the Indianapolis Colts decided to retain and signed head coach Chuck Pagano to a four-year extension yesterday.  I was even more shocked after I learned that the team did the same for general manager Ryan Grigson.

So let’s see, the Colts decided to keep two dudes who not only were considered lame ducks before yesterday.  They decided to keep two dudes who absolutely, positively do not like each other.

However, as I pondered the absurdity of the moves, it all made sense after I traced it back to the source: Jim Irsay.

The Colts’ owner fancies himself as the center of the football universe, and craves being the star of his own show.  Kinda like a frustrated rock star, if you will.

And what does an owner like Irsay do when he wants to create some buzz?  Do something crazy like retain two lame ducks in Pagano and Grigson who cannot stand each other.

Those two guys who were on the verge of losing their jobs – rightfully so in Grigson’s case.  Grigson brought in some old dudes and refused to draft offensive and defensive linemen that would have helped Indianapolis immensely – the former would have helped Andrew Luck’s health.

While I am happy for Pagano (who by all accounts is a great guy) being retained, I hate this pairing with Grigson.

And I really hate that Pagano was left twisting in the wind by Irsay himself.  I mean, what owner lets his coach go through the season in the last year of his contract?  Given how often lame ducks fail, Pagano was not set up to succeed at all this season.

But Pagano toughed it out through the various injuries his team suffered.  After all, they call him #Chuckstrong for a reason.

Again, good for Pagano.  I just think that he deserves a better owner than Irsay.

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