2015 NFL Week 9 Preview

NFLGame of the Week

Green Bay Packers at Carolina Panthers.  This is ‘week 2′ of the Panthers’ proving ground.  Carolina won an ugly game last Monday night, but it will be facing a talented and pissed off Green Bay squad looking to redeem itself after a poor performance vs. Denver.  Will the Panthers’ powerful defense be able to withstand a high-powerful offense led by A-a-ron Rodgers?  Will Cam Newton and Co. score enough points on offense to give Carolina a chance?

I think this game will go in a similar fashion as last week’s Sunday night game in Denver.  Both Denver and Carolina have great defenses that can make an offense one-dimensional and get after the passer.  Both have secondaries that employs playmakers.  Rodgers was crappy against the Broncos, and I think he’ll be average against the Panthers.  But fortunately for Rodgers and the Packers, the Broncos’ offense is far better than the Panthers’.

Look for Rodgers to get his groove back Sunday afternoon in Charlotte.  It was nice while it lasted, Panthers fans…  Packers 24, Panthers 20.

Ass-Whooping of the Week

Patriots over Redskins.  The high-octane Patriots vs. the dysfunctional, ill-equipped, pop-gun offense having Redskins.  I’d be impressed if Washington stays within 20…

Thursday’s Game

Bengals over Browns

Sunday’s Games

Saints over Titans (the Saints over .500?  Whaaaaa?)
Bills over Dolphins
Vikings over Rams
Jets over Jaguars
Steelers over Raiders
Giants over Buccaneers
Falcons over 49ers
Broncos over Colts
Eagles over Cowboys (call this “DeMarco’s revenge…)

Monday’s Game

Chargers over Bears (once again, the joke’s on ESPN…)

Record last week: 11-3 (STILL kicking ass and taking names busta!!!)
Year to date: 82-37 (“Your boy is STILL ROL-lin’…”)

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