Thoughts on the 2016 College Football Playoff Rankings

College-Football-PlayoffThe 2016 College Football Playoff rankings were released last night on ESPN (where else?), and there have been lots of reactions from seemingly every corner.

Some pundits have been bloviating on why Team A got placed over Team B.  Others bitching about why Team C was hosed by the selection committee and why it is more deserving over Teams A and B.  And as for we the fans, hell we are never happy to begin with.

All of the commotion and chaos have compelled me to chime in with my own two cents on the first College Football Playoff rankings.  Let’s go…

The committee has the right #1 team.  Clemson has the most impressive wins and has the best win at this point of the season: #5-ranked Notre Dame.  No other schools can boast that it has beaten a top-5 team.  That is all…

The committee is STILL in love with Alabama.  Aside from Clemson, I agree with LSU and Ohio State being among the committee’s top four.  After all, all of those teams are undefeated at the moment.

And then there is Alabama, and to that I say, “huh?”

Here’s the deal on the Crimson Tide.  They lost one game, and that game was to Ole Miss – AT HOME.  In fact, it’s the same Ole Miss that got curb-stomped by Memphis a few weeks back.

And as for their wins, the only impressive win they have is over unranked Wisconsin.  The Georgia win was nice, but they flat out suck right now.  Ditto for Tennessee.  Texas A&M is grossly overrated.

Look, I know Alabama has been legit under Nick Saban the last few seasons.  And if the Crimson Tide puts in work against LSU, then the Tide deserves to be there.  It’s just what happens when a school has built up so much street cred over time – it always gets the benefit of the doubt.

And it STILL has no love for the Big 12.  I guess the Big 12 has yet to learn that you’ve got to schedule out of conference to get some love from the committee.  TCU’s is so-so, though Minnesota was a decent opponent.  Oklahoma has the best win out of conference over Tennessee.  Oklahoma State, sit down.  Baylor should just recuse itself out of the conversation and shut the hell up.  Hell, Memphis and Houston from the American Athletic Conference has a better out of conference schedule than Baylor.

If Oklahoma were undefeated, I’d put the Sooners in my top four.  TCU does need to get a bit of love though.

That’s my two cents on the CFP rankings.  I bet y’all are probably asking me, “well what is YOUR top-four, smart-ass?”  Well – asshats – here ya go:

  1. Clemson
  2. LSU
  3. Ohio State
  4. TCU

Commence the hate…

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