2015 MLB Playoff Preview: Division Championship Series

mlbThe 2015 Major League Baseball playoffs is upon us, starting with last night’s opening round play-in games.

The play-in round is always exciting, with …  Both play-in game winners should make for some compelling matchups in their respective divisional series.

I need to get something off my chest.

For those folks in the media elite who love to poo-poo players celebrating when clinching a wildcard spot (or for that matter, winning a playoff series not named the World Series), shame on them.  They fail to realize that the regular season is such a grind, and that the amount of work teams put in during spring training is monumental.  So to the media folks I say, “shaddup!”

Now to my MLB playoff preview…

American League

Kansas City Royals vs. Houston Astros

Analysis:  The Royals kinda stumbled down the stretch, but still landed the home-field advantage in the American League playoffs.  Still, KC needs to get right fast.  Johnny Cueto needs to be the same ace he was before he was traded from Cincinnati.  And the Royals’ bullpen needs to be on point.

I love the Astros grit and toughness.  Plus those guys can mash the hell out of the baseball.  Still, I think the Royals have the edge here in terms of experience, and that will be the deciding factor over an Astros team who may be the team to beat in the AL West next season.

Prediction:  Royals in 4.

Toronto Blue Jays vs. Texas Rangers

Analysis:  This is may be considered the undercard of the AL playoffs, but I think this is more compelling than KC-Houston.  I love the fact that both squads have aces on their respective pitching staffs: David Price (Toronto) and Cole Hamels (Texas).

Having said that, there is just something I love about the Blue Jays.  They can mash, have one hell of a homefield advantage (and that dome of their’s STILL looks great), and have been riding on some incredible momentum.

Texas is a good underdog story.  It didn’t quit when they started the season poorly.  It made a risky move at the trade deadline in acquiring Hamels (as did Toronto with Price and Troy Tulowiski).  I just don’t think the Rangers are talented enough to beat the Blue Jays.

Prediction: Blue Jays in 5.

National League

I would continue giving an in-depth analysis on the National League side, but some things came up.  First of all, it’s almost [11:30] PM.  The second AL playoff game is almost over.  And my wife made me help her look for a remote that she misplaced.  Therefore, I have to wrap this up…

St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs

Analysis:  See above explanation.

Prediction: Cardinals in 5.

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. New York Mets

Analysis:  If you’re still looking for some analysis, either you can’t read, are slow as hell, or you are as sleepy as I am.

Prediction: Mets in 4.

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