2015 NFL Preview: AFC/NFC East

NFLToday the 2015 NFL bi-divisional preview examines the intriguing AFC East and NFC East.

AFC East

  1. New England Patriots (12-4)
  2. Miami Dolphins (10-6)
  3. Buffalo Bills (9-7)
  4. New York Jets (7-9)

Analysis:  Before the Tom Brady exoneration, I had the Patriots barely winning the AFC East.  Now I think they will win the division comfortably.  Brady will be motivated to set the NFL on fire a la the Spygate aftermath – starting with my defensively challenged Steelers.

And even if Brady’s suspension was upheld, it’s not like the Patriots were going to lose its grip on the division.  Everyone else in the division has question marks at the QB position.

Buffalo and the Jets have hellafied defenses, but both are also breaking in new QBs.  And even though the Dolphins have a more talented QB in Ryan Tannenhill, he still has yet to live up to his potential.  Sure, he got the big money contract, and he has had big games in the past.  He just has to be more consistent to get Miami back to the top.

NFC East

  1. Dallas Cowboys (11-5)
  2. Philadelphia Eagles (10-6)
  3. New York Giants (8-8)
  4. Washington Redskins (4-12)

Analysis:  This division is practically a two-horse race.  Both the Cowboys and Eagles are a clear cut above the other teams.  Both have high-octane offenses with firepower galore.  Dallas has Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, and Jason Witten (along with that awesome offense line).  Philly has DeMarco Murray, Brent Celek, Darren Sproles, and Jordan Matthews.  If both played a little bit of defense they’d challenge for the NFC crown.

It may be another long year for the Giants.  Unless management gives QB Eli Manning a running game, an offensive line, and a defense, New York would be lucky to finish at .500.

As for the Redskins, Lawd have mercy.  That’s all I’ve got…

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