Geno Responsible for His Own Ass Whupping

11364003_1660183757558868_1059998848_nI feel bad for New York Jets fans, I really do.

The Jets entered training camp feeling pretty damn good about themselves.  They reacquired stud defensive backs Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie to anchor the secondary.  They also acquired stud wide receiver Brandon Marshall to help the passing game.

In short, the Jets have done all they could to improve immensely from last season.

Then the punch heard ’round the world happened.

Linebacker IK Enemkpali knocked the hell out of scrub QB Geno Smith in the locker room after yesterday’s practice, and in the process of doing so broke Smith’s jaw.  Smith had surgery to repair his jaw, and will be out 6 to 10 weeks.

Just to give the quick back story, Smith accepted a $600 plane ticket from Enemkpali to appear at linebacker’s football camp in Pflugerville, Texas.  Smith did not show up for the camp, which supposedly happened after a friend died in a motorcycle crash.  After Smith did not attend, Enemkpali demanded that the Jets quarterback refund him the $600 he allegedly used to purchase the plane ticket.  Smith told Enemkpali he would reimburse him the money, but he also reportedly put his finger in Enemkpali’s face.  Enemkpali then punched dude in the face and broken his jaw.

I realize that by the title of this rant, it appears that I am solely blaming him for getting his own ass kicked.  That is not the case.

Enemkpali was wrong for punching another dude over any money, let alone $600.  And it was also stupid of the young brother to lose his job, and perhaps his career, over something so trivial.  And should also get some much-needed counseling for his reported anger-management issues.

But Smith, himself, should have known better.

He should have given Enemkpali an explanation as to why he missed that football camp.  Smith should have also paid the man his money back.  Even though $600 may be a drop in a hat for most pro athletes, Enemkpali was a 6th round draft pick and while he made a good living, he ain’t rich.

And last but not least, Smith had no damn business putting a finger in a dude’s face – let alone a dude to whom he owes $600.

Just as Enemkpali could have done something to prevent a confrontation, Smith could have as well.  After all, Smith only owed the dude lots of money and an apology for missing his camp.

Again, I am not condoning Enemkpali for his actions.  And I wouldn’t blame Smith if he pressed charges against him.

I’m just saying one should never, EVER put a finger in another dude’s face.  If this happened in the streets, Smith would have sustained much worse than a broken jaw.

For once again, “JETS” = “Just End The Season”…

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  1. Are you aware that IK is a Buffalo Bill now. I wonder how many games he’ll be suspended for.

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