Rousey Is an All-Time Great

Ronda-Rousey-Says-Cyborg-Is-not-a-Woman-MMA-SpotlightThis just in: Ronda Rousey is a friggin’ stud.

She took out Brazilian challenger Bethe Correia in her own backyard in 34 SECONDS.  The crowd at HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro must have done Samba moves in their tears when they witnessed their fellow countrywoman Correia get knocked the (pluck) out.

Now it’s time to ask the question: is Rousey an all-time great in MMA?  I’d answer with a resounding “hell yes”.

As I have said about her in the past, she is the future of UFC.  Her fight with Correia was the headliner for Christ’s Sake!

And yeah, I know a lot of folks out there are pissed that the fight only lasted 34 seconds.  I know that she is a woman amongst girls – at least in her weight class – at this point.

But it’s not Rousey’s fault that she is so dominant right now.  The rest of the ladies in her weight class has to step up and challenge Rousey’s reign.

The closest thing Rousey has to a rival is Miesha Tate.

As talented (and gorgeous) as Tate is, she is not on Rousey’s level.  In two previous fights against Rousey, Tate lost to via submission (Tate suffered a broken arm in the second match).

Until Rousey runs into an opponent who is a Joe Frazier to her Muhammad Ali, let’s all revel in her dominance of the sport.  Witnessing greatness is such a beautiful thing.

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