Deep Thoughts on Day #2 of NFL Free Agency

NFL“We are the New England Patriots, and you’re not…”  That’s what Pats fans are at least thinking today.  Their team pulled off what I think is the biggest NFL free agent heist to date.  Forget Aquib Talib, right?  This is turning into an awesome arms race between the Patriots and the Denver Broncos.  It’s good to see Peyton Manning help bring his disdain for the Pats to Denver.

At any rate, Revis replaces Talib – and is seen as an upgrade for only one year and $12 million.  If Revis could live up to the contract, then he’ll be in store for another payday.  And the Patriots stand to benefit in a huge way if Revis could live up to the contract.

Credit to the Patriots organization to once again proving why it is the gold standard in the NFL.  I’ll tell you what, if the Pats manage to land Steve Smith (if the Panthers are indeed stupid enough to release him), then expect Tom Brady to twerk his pretty-boy ass all over Boston.

Browns rid themselves of Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell.  Whoever thought that Weeden was the answer to the QB problems in Cleveland, then what the hell was the question?  This just in: Weeden got on a wide-open plane, and still couldn’t complete a pass to an empty seat.  Uh anyway, Campbell, while serviceable, was obviously not the answer as well.  Cleveland obviously has had a hard time getting its QB situation together.  It has become a place (as well as Oakland) where QBs come to die.

In the meantime, Teddy Bridgewater or Johnny Manziel – come on down!

Eagles offense becomes scarier with the acquisition of Darren Sproles.  Damn, how in the hell do you defend this offense?  DeSean Jackson and “Riley the Bigot” Cooper at wideout.  Lesean McCoy toting the rock at running back.  Now defenses in the NFC East have to worry about containing Darren Sproles on third down?

In New Orleans, Sproles was the ultimate match-up nightmare for defensive coordinators.  He will also excel on special teams.  Hell with head coach Chip Kelly leading the way, Philly might become “New Orleans North”.

Now if only the Eagles could find a defense…

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