Deep Thoughts on the First Day of NFL Free Agency

NFLNFL free agency is here, which means I can start talking football again.  WHOO HOO!!!  I will be sharing my thoughts throughout the free agency period, starting today.

Let’s go…

San Francisco made a good move in trading for Jonathan Martin.  This is a win-win for both sides.  First of all, Martin gets a second chance to get his once-promising career back on track.  He played for 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh and several of his assistants when they were at Stanford.  Harbaugh has been a champion for Martin. He vouched for Martin in the Wells report that examined the bullying case.  What better cheerleader a player could have than the head coach?

The 49ers also get a talented offensive lineman in Martin.  He will provide valuable depth to an already great offensive line.  It doesn’t hurt that Martin was a second-round draft pick.  It also doesn’t hurt that the 49ers have a stable, professional locker room whose players condemned what went down in Miami.

Bottom line: Martin 1, Richie Incognito 0.

Denver is loading up for another Super Bowl run.  The Broncos signed former New England cornerback Aqib Talib to a six-year, $57 million contract last night.  Talib was not only the Patriots best corner – he was the best corner in the free agent market.  Couple this with the news of Denver bringing in former Dallas defensive end DeMarcus Ware, I’d have to considered the Broncos the huge favorite to represent the AFC again in the Super Bowl.  The defense was Denver’s weak link, and Talib (and maybe Ware) will make it considerably stronger.

Okay Peyton Manning, you have no excuses for coming up short this coming season.

Pittsburgh is off to a good start in getting younger in its secondary.  My Steelers made an unusual early free-agent splash, signing former Carolina safety Mike Mitchell to a five-year, $25 million contract.  This confirms that my Steelers weren’t just willing to address their defensive backfield through the draft.  I am happy to see the Steelers getting serious about getting younger on defense.  The defense lost many games last season, and the Mitchell signing is a step in the right direction.  Pittsburgh gets a 27-year-old starter who was a play-maker for the Panthers last season – a younger version of Troy Polamalu.

Steeler Nation is rejoicing.

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