Richard Sherman Is Not a Damn Thug


Look, I know what Richard Sherman at the conclusion of the NFC Championship Game rankled a few – check that, A LOT of y’all.  And yes, I understand that Sherman should have taken the high road and been a bit more gracious towards the San Francisco 49ers, namely Michael Crabtree.

Maybe Sherman should have been more humble.  Maybe he should have not stooped beneath his dignity to bash Crabtree the way he did.

But you know what, Sherman didn’t do those things.  And as a result he may be a lot of things – but one this he is not is a thug.

There is a lot to love about social media, especially twitter and Facebook.  But while I enjoyed the hell out of the hilarious memes – comparing Sherman to an old-school World Wrestling Federation star among others – I despised those who used that platform to call Sherman a thug.

The term “thug” means different things to different people.  Here is Webster’s definition: “a brutal ruffian or assassin” (synonym: “gangster”).  I’m sorry, but just because some dude talks trash (and backs it up), does not make him a “thug”.

We could go on and on about how some people – white AND black – may have used that terminology.  Hell, I (and many others) could argue that some may have had subtle racist undertones.

The fact of the matter is this: sports is entertainment, and what Sherman gave us – while Samuel L. Jackson-like in nature – was entertaining.  Since I never had a problem with any athlete running smack (as long as he or she backs it up), I thought Sherman’s act was hilarious.

I believe this speaks less to Sherman’s motives as it does to some of the people criticizing this young brother in the safety of their own environments.

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