2013 Week 5 NFL Preview

NFL-LogoGame of the Week

New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears.  This should be one fun game.  The coolest part about it is that it is one of the early games on Sunday.  This is the first serious road test for the Saints.  I mean sure, they were tested in Tampa earlier, but road divisional games are almost always a tough out for ANY good team.

At any rate, this is a matchup between two opportunistic defenses.  Both teams’ D have been forcing and scoring off of turnovers so far in this young season.  In this case, you’d normally go with the home team because its defense would feed off the frenzy of the home crowd.  Just not when the home team’s QB is Jay Cutler.  I expect the Saints to force Cutler into poor decisions and score a lot of points off of them a la the Lions last week.  And if a team turns over the ball against a team that employs Drew Brees and Sean Payton as its QB and head coach respectively, that team is going to be in for a long day.  Because of that, I’m taking the Saints in what should an entertaining game.  Saints 24, Bears 17.

The “Who Gives Two Damns” Game of the Week

Jacksonville Jaguars at St. Louis Rams.  You just have to feel for whoever is unlucky enough to call this game.  Talk about starting from the bottom… Rams over Jaguars

Thursday’s Game

Bills over Browns (until it proves to me otherwise, NEVER pick Cleveland)

Sunday’s Games

Bengals over Patriots
Packers over Lions
Chiefs over Titans
Colts over Seahawks
Dolphins over Ravens
Giants over Eagles
Panthers over Cardinals
Broncos over Cowboys
49ers over Texans
Chargers over Raiders

Monday’s Game

Falcons over Jets (why the Jets are in any prime time game is beyond me)

Last week’s record: 10-5
Year-to-date: 30-17*
*keep in mind I was on vacation in Mexico during week 2, so my record does not include that week

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  1. Seeing the Cowboys win every other game I am predicting this will be the Broncos first loss of the season.

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