Who Rocked and Who Sucked: Week 4

NFL-LogoThis is the inaugural “Who Rocked/Who Sucked” segment of The Klown Times.  I will be doing this every week of the NFL regular season and every two weeks throughout the upcoming NBA season.

Hopefully this will entertain and enlighten.  I choose to look at this as therapy (especially during this season).

So, without further ado…

Who Rocked

Saints coach Sean Payton.  I could tell that the Saints dearly missed Payton’s aggressive and swagger on the sideline.  Drew Brees is more locked in.  The defense is flying all over the place.  The crowd is raucous again.  I keep looking for Payton to give Goodell the bird when the cameras are rolling.  Maybe next week?

Peyton Manning.  What more can this dude do?  He threw four touchdown passes against the Eagles, giving him 16 after four games – with NO INTERCEPTIONS!  Think Peyton is not pissed off with how last season ended for him?

Colin Kaepernick.  Kap threw two touchdown passes and did not throw an interception in a road game against the Rams.  Think 49ers fans are still clamoring for Alex Smith?

Reggie Bush.  Dude was an absolute beast against the Bears.  He had 139 yards rushing, which included an electrifying-ly tough 37 yard touchdown run in the first half.  Bush wanted to show everyone that he is an every-down back.  Looks like he is making his case.

Who Sucked

Pittsburgh Steelers.  Man, my Steelers were “turrible” on both sides of the ball.  We couldn’t protect Ben Roethlisberger, leading to five sacks including the back-breaking sack fumble when it looked like the Steelers were going to tie the game.  Defensively, we couldn’t tackle worth a damn.  There were three missed tackles on Greg Jennings’ 70-yard catch-and-run TD pass, and a few missed tackles on Adrian Peterson’s 60-yard touchdown run.  Oh, and the defense only sacked the immortal Matt Cassell ONCE.

Cincinnati Bengals’ offense.  I know the Browns have an above-average defense, but the Bengals did not play up to its talent level on offense.  Andy Dalton (206 yards passing with one INT) has to get it done and not lose a game like this, plain and simple.

Joe Flacco.  Throwing five INTs while getting paid $120 million is not going to get it done.  What makes it more painful was that his Ravens lost to the Bills by only three points.  Does someone still miss Anquan Boldin?

Matt Schaub.  That pick-6 Schaub threw that allowed the Seahawks to tie – and ultimately beat – his Texans told me all I needed to know about him: he is NOT the QB who will take his team to the promised land.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jacksonville Jaguars.  Both those teams are bad, just God-awfully bad.  The Bucs blew an opportunity to pick up their best chance at a win against the Cardinals.  Meanwhile, the Jags didn’t even both to line up against the Colts (37-3?  Are you kidding me???)  Both these teams have 0-16 written all over them.

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  1. Dallas Cowboy secondary..401 yards to Rivers and pretty sure 300 of those were in second half!

  2. You should add the Pittsburgh Steelers to the teams that have 0 – 16 written all over them. If they can’t beat the previously 0 – 3 Minnesota ViQueens – Who can they beat?

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