2012 Week 16 NFL Preview

NFL-LogoGames of the Week

San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks

Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers

Both of those divisional games have HUGE playoff implications. I’d be interested to see if Seattle is able to continue its run against the 49ers at home. If rookie QB Russell Wilson (a NC State product, by the way) continues to soar in this game, he should get serious consideration for the Rookie of the Year Award. Plus, if Seahawks coach Pete Carroll tries to run up the score on the Niners and has to face its coach Jim Harbaugh after the game, look the hell out. By the way, San Fran is on a HUGE roll and QB Colin Kaepernick will get off in a big way. 49ers 24, Seahawks 20.

As for the other game, it’s pretty simple: winner of this game will get the last playoff spot thanks to the Jets losing in Tennessee last Monday night. The Bengals have been owned by the Steelers recently losing the last five games against them. However, my Steelers have been underwhelming at best this season, and now has no margin for error. Pittsburgh is also banged-up, and is limping down the stretch. Having said that, I think the Steelers are going to make a stand here. They are usually at their best when their backs are against the wall. Plus I do not not think the Bengals are ready for “prime time”. I think this game will be ultra-competitive, but I do not see the young Bengals winning in Pittsburgh with SO much at stake. It will be even sweeter since I will be with in-laws in Cincinnati watching the game during my Christmas break (sorry fam!). Steelers 17, Bengals 14.

Ass Whooping of the Week

Patriots over Jaguars. I know I told myself that I recused myself from guessing who will get its ass whooped, but this game SCREAMS “ass-whooping”. New England is a high-scoring machine who will coming in pissed-off over the loss to the 49ers. And Jacksonville? Who in the hell do they have who could score points to keep up with the Patriots? Exactly. If the Jags stay within 20 points, I’d be beyond flabbergasted. Patriots 39, Jaguars 14.

“Who Gives Two Damns?” Games of the Week

Chargers at Jets

Raiders at Panthers

Aside from watching Cam Newton doing his thing for the Panthers and the side-show that is the New York Jets, only gambling degenerates care about those games. Paging Dr. Phil… Jets over Chargers, Panthers over Raiders.

Saturday’s Game

Falcons over Lions

Sunday’s Games

Cowboys over Saints
Packers over Titans
Colts over Chiefs
Dolphins over Bills
Redskins over Eagles (people here in DC are partying like it’s “1999”)
Buccaneers over Rams
Texans over Vikings (Adrian Peterson vs. the Texans D is worth watching)
Broncos over Browns
Bears over Cardinals
Giants over Ravens (this should be renamed the “Fraudulent Bowl”)

Last week’s record: 11-5
Record to date: 136-68-1

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  1. One disagreement: The Saints over the Cowboys by 10. I don’t belive that the Cowboys can win 4 in a row. I am also losing faith in the Chicago Bears. Perhaps Arizona pulls an upset this weekend.

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