Jets’ Brass to Blame for Sanchez’s – and Team’s – Failures

New-York-Jets-LogoI must admit, even I was floored at how bad the New York Jets screwed its own season.

I mean sure, it’s easy to blame QB Mark Sanchez and his God-awful play this season.  After all, he has thrown only 13 touchdowns and 17 interceptions this season – all while barely completing over 50% of his passes.  Coupled with his 12 lost fumbles, Sanchez has a grand total of 29 turnovers.

But let’s be honest about something: was Sanchez REALLY given a chance to succeed this season?  How about we recap the moves of the Jets’ “brain trust” (general manager Mike Tannenbaum and head coach Rex Ryan)?

1) They wooed Peyton Manning last offseason.  Well I must admit, I would have tried to woo Peyton as well.  After all, he is arguably the best regular season QB in NFL history.

However, that sent a signal that the Jets really didn’t see a future with Sanchez.  And instead of making an exit plan, the “brain trust” decided to…

2) Give Sanchez a questionable extension.  His $8 million guarantee hamstrings the Jets’ plans at QB next season.  They can’t cut his ass because of the big cap hit next season.  Now the Jets and Sanchez will be stuck with each other.  The “brain trust” didn’t stop there…

3) Tannenbaum and Co. did not help Sanchez in skill player acquisitions.  It’s kind of hard for any QB to succeed if he does not have good players at wide receiver and running back.  Running back Shonn Greene was drafted to be THE guy, but is just another guy (average at best).  And who is Sanchez throwing to?  If Dustin Keller is your team’s best pass catcher, God help it.

And last, but not least…

4) The Jets brought in Tim Tebow.  I knew this would shake up Sanchez’s confidence.  I didn’t think it would be go THIS badly for him.

Meanwhile, did the Jets sell Tebow a bit of goods or what?  After promising Tebow a shot at the starting job, the Jets’ coaching staff all but made him a gimmick.  A few plays here, a series there.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the Jets are now turning to Greg McElroy to start the next game and perhaps the last game of the season.  I don’t blame Tebow for wanting out, even if he is as terrible of a practice player as the Jets have led on.

So there you have it folks – the hot mess that is the New York Jets organization.  Even if the team cleans house after this season (firing both Ryan and Tannenbaum), it will still be set back for at least another season.

After all, there is a reason why the name “Jets” = “Just End The Season”…

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