K-State, not Oregon, Is the #2 Team in the Nation

Sometimes I wonder what games the poll voters are watching.

For some crazy-ass reason, Oregon is still ahead of Kansas State for the #2 spot in both the AP and USA Today rankings.

Hmmm, let’s see.  K-State – previously ranked #2 in the BCS – beat down a good Oklahoma State team 44-30 on the strength of offense, defense AND special teams.  Meanwhile, Oregon -previously ranked #4 in the BCS – beat an overrated USC team (on the road, mind you) 62-51 despite playing no defense whatsoever.

Yup, you read that right folks: 62-51!

Look, I understand Oregon being ahead of Notre Dame in the polls.  After all, the Fighting Irish BARELY beat a poor Pitt team in overtime at home.

Kansas State was dominant in the win over Oklahoma State.  Again, the Wildcats dominated in all three phases of the game. There is no way the Wildcats should still be behind Oregon.

K-State has played a tougher schedule than Oregon.  I mean, who on Oregon’s schedule would make you go “wow” other than USC (I don’t care what anyone says, I am STILL not buying Oregon State as a factor).

Let’s face facts: the Pac-12 is weaker than the Big XII.  I’d even argue the Big XII is almost could match-up with the SEC.

At any rate, this is an example of voters being enamored by style points.  It didn’t matter that Oregon could not play defense to safe its life.  It didn’t matter that Oregon almost blew an 34-10 lead to an overrated, but talented, USC team.  The voters was wowed over the fact that Oregon scored 62 points – in spite of giving up 51.

I don’t know if the voters in both polls are required to give their names to their votes, but they should.  That way, we could get those fuckers out of there and replace them with voters who actually WATCH the games.

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