Serena Is Carrying Women’s Tennis

Serena Williams rallied for a three-set victory over top-seeded and top-ranked Victoria Azarenka (who?) to win the U.S. Open.  If you’re scoring at home, that’s major title #15 for Williams.

Could you imagine if Serena didn’t have outside interests that caused her to step away from tennis for a while about a decade ago?

Williams may be 30 years old, but she’s not losing her edge.  In fact, she is not losing it any time soon.

And that is a good thing for women’s and American tennis.

Let’s face it, other than maybe Maria Sharapova, why in the hell would anyone watch women’s tennis?  No one moves the needle like Williams.

Now that is not to say that women’s tennis will falloff completely.  As I said before, Sharapova is still winning matches and some minor tournaments and she is in her prime.

I just don’t know it would have that same draw and buzz when Serena decides to walk away.  Women’s tennis will miss her when she does…

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