It’s Gonna Be a Long, Tough Road for Penn State

I know that Penn State is not going to be very good this season.  Hell the NCAA all but made sure of that.

I just didn’t think that Penn State would be so bad that they lost at home to Ohio U by 10 points.

Look, I know that Ohio U is favored to win the MAC conference this season.  Hell, people think they may go undefeated after today’s win.  But let’s be real about something: a Big Ten team is NOT supposed to lose to a team from the MAC, let alone on its home field.

God bless the young men who chose to stick around at Penn State.  They are to be commended tremendously for their courage to turn lemons into lemonade.  And I like coach Bill O’Brien’s “no excuse” approach to this less than ideal situation.

But as I always say, there is the truth and there are facts.  The truth is Penn State is not going to be good for a long time.  Today’s loss to Ohio U is just the beginning of many facts that proves that.

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