2012 AFC and NFC West Preview

This is the last of the two-a-days NFL bi-divisional preview.


At any rate, what better way to close those previews than discuss the two worst divisions in the NFL: the eternally mediocre AFC West and the notoriously “turrible” NFC West.

AFC West

Denver Broncos (9-7).  Denver is one of the most interesting team in the NFL.  You’d think that ESPN would be fawning all over the Broncos given that a certain dude named Peyton Manning is at the helm.  But alas ESPN chose to keep on its Tim Tebow kneepads and move on to Jets’ camp.  It sucks for ESPN (pun intended) because the Broncos – not the Jets – will be a playoff team.  Having said that, the Broncos do play in a sorry-ass division that does not have one true powerhouse.  They are fortunate to have a good defense and sound running game, and that will be the difference between this so-so team and the other mediocre teams in the division.

San Diego Chargers (8-8).  This is going to be the same-ol, same-ol for the Chargers – talented team but no championship-caliber heart.  Why San Diego continues to employ coach Norv Turner and hot-headed general manager A.J. Smith (why the initials, is his real name Archibald?) is beyond me.  QB Phillip Rivers must be pissed beyond belief – former QB Drew Brees has a Super Bowl ring and Rivers cannot even get a sniff at one.

Oakland Raiders (7-9)

Kansas City Chiefs (6-10).  Both of those teams are not all that good.  In fact, I feel sorry for both fan bases, both of which I consider among the most loyal in the NFL.  At least both are headed in the right direction, especially Oakland.  Both teams need an additional fusion of young talent to at least make them .500 teams.

NFC West

San Francisco 49ers (12-4).  This is the most lopsided division in the NFL.  The 49ers are so far ahead of everyone else in this division, they should win the West by Week 7.  I’m dead serious – this division is that bad.  San Fran is the only team settled at QB, a bruising offensive game plan, and a ferocious defense.  Oh, and once Randy Moss gets settled at wide receiver stretching the field, look the hell out.  I’ll tell you what, my brother is happy as hell that his 49ers matter again.

Seattle Seahawks (7-9)

Arizona Cardinals (6-10)

St. Louis Rams (4-12).  All three of these teams are so bad, I don’t even feel like staying up to preview them.  Here’s what you need to know: the Seahawks are starting a rookie QB in Russell Wilson who I love, but that’s all they have going for them; if Kevin Kolb and John Skelton are the answers at QB in Arizona, then what the hell were the questions to begin with; the Lambs are so bad they need prayer – LOTS of it.

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