No Credit for Augusta National for Doing the Right Thing

Big news from Augusta, Georgia!

Augusta National golf club, the world-renown golf club which hosts  The Masters (arguably the Super Bowl of golf tournaments) admitted two females into their membership for the first time EVER. Two two women in question?  None other than former bank magnate – and good friend of Martha Stewart – Darla Moore, and …wait for it, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

I am glad that Augusta National admitted women into its membership.  Too bad it happened in the 21st century.

Look, I am not mad at the folks at Augusta National for how they run their business.  It is a private club, and can conduct business as it sees fit.

Just don’t look for me to shower Augusta National with rose pedals for admitting women into its club.  Keep in mind that this is the same golf club that did not allow minorities into its membership until 1990.  And we all remember that spat between Augusta and former chair of the National Council of Women’s Organizations Martha Burk in 2002.

Again, Augusta National is a private golf club that can do what it wants whenever it wants.  Just don’t expect anyone to praise it for doing the right thing 30 years too late.

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  1. Footjoy makes a premium golf shoe with calfskin detailing. Puma has a waterproof golf shoe with carbon fiber reinforcement.

    They’re both priced around $250.

    Should those companies be ashamed for making such an expensive shoe?

  2. I don’t have a problem with private clubs in general. But, sometimes these upscale country clubs gain significant advantages that shuts the average person out. When lobbying is done on the grounds, politicians and government officials are wooed for lucrative contracts or positions, the CEO of ABC makes important business deals that others had a right to compete for, then things get tricky.

    I’m not accusing Agusta of engaging in these practices. But I’m also not naive enough to ignore the fact that it happens.

    • Russ is right on target. People don’t pay these exhorbitant membership fees just because they’re looking for a cozy place to play golf. They’re paying for access to the other big shots and rainmakers.

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