Fisher Hire Great for Rams’ Cred…

Former Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher has agreed to becoming the St. Louis Rams’ head coach last week, and will be introduced today.

To the Rams I say, “Bravo, bravo, BRAVO”.

This isn’t just another ordinary retread coaching hire.  This is a coach who knows how to get a lot out of teams, especially ones that were devoid of talent.  This is a coach who is a “no bullcrap”, blue-collar kind of guy.

More importantly, Fisher represents something the Rams have been looking for since the Dick Vermeil years: stability.  Fisher was the one who helped shepard the Titans move from Houston way back when.  He was also responsible for leading the Titans to its only Super Bowl appearance in the Houston Oilers/Titans history.

Rams fans can also expect their team to play hard every week.  The immediate improvement should be expected on the defensive side of the ball.  The Rams already have a young stud in Chris Long.  Fisher should build his young defensive front seven into a respectable bunch sooner rather than later.

The Rams running game should also improve under Fisher.  Running back Steven Jackson should be crying tears of joy Vernon Davis-style over the hiring.  Just think of Eddie George back in the day.

And a stronger running game should help QB Sam Bradford.  After a dreadful year, look for Fisher and his staff to simplify things for Bradford in order to help get his confidence back.

With the hiring of Fisher, to go along with the 49ers’ Jim Harbaugh, Cardinals’ Ken Whisenhunt, and Seahawks’ Pete Carroll, the NFC West has gotten a lot stronger in so little time.

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