Texans and Lions Teams to Watch Next Season

The Houston Texans and Detroit Lions are coming off harsh playoff losses.  The Texans lost yesterday to the Baltimore Ravens 20-13 while the Lions lost in New Orleans during Wildcard Weekend last week.

Both fan bases have a lot to be excited about next season and beyond.  The Lions have a stud at QB in Matthew Stafford, and he only figures to get better next season.  If the Lions ever develop a running game, the sky is the limit on offense.  They have a good front four on defense and is an upgrade at linebacker away from being a top-15 defense.

Meanwhile Texans fans have a whole helluva lot to be excited about.  They routed the Bengals last weekend in their first playoff game while just coming up short in Baltimore – all with a THIRD-STRING ROOKIE QB!  I’ll tell you what, once the Texans get their health back, they will be a force to be reckoned with in the AFC.  Hell, they were the best team in the AFC before injuries to starting QB Matt Schaub and stud defensive end Mario Williams.

So Texans and Lions fans, there is no reason to fret.  Your teams should only get better next season and beyond.


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