BCS Title Game Proved Alabama, not Oklahoma State, Was Deserving

So much for the notion of a team not being able to compete for the BCS championship because it didn’t win its own conference.

Alabama won it’s second national championship in three seasons by crushing previously unbeaten LSU 21-0 at the last night in New Orleans.

I do not know what was more impressive: Alabama spanking LSU the way it did or the fact that Alabama did so in what was considered a home game for LSU.  I mean sure ‘Bama fans traveled well to the game last night, but make no mistake New Orleans is LSU country through and through.

Last night’s game also signaled just how strong a football conference the Southeastern Conference is.  Sure Alabama didn’t win the SEC (LSU did).  Hell it didn’t even win the SEC West (again, LSU did).  I just do not think it is fair to penalize Alabama because it plays in by far the best conference in college football.  Alabama and LSU were head and shoulders the best two teams in the country, the final score notwithstanding.

And to you Oklahoma State fans who STILL feel that your team should have been given a chance: enough.  You had a chance during the regular season, but you lost to Iowa State.  And I do not care if you were dealing with a horrific plane crash, it’s not an excuse for the Cowboys to lay an egg with so much on the line.  That’s like Alabama or LSU losing to Vanderbilt – that (spit) shouldn’t happen.

Plus, giving up 38 points to Stanford does not prove you are the best either.  Hell Oklahoma State may have given up 50 to either Alabama or LSU.

As I said in an earlier rant, the BCS done its job.  The two best teams in the country played last night.

Congrats to Alabama for being the best team in college football.  Congrats to the SEC for being the dominant league (again).

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  1. While Alabama proved they deserved to be there, that doesn’t prove someone else didn’t deserve to be there. What it really shows is that there are more teams that could win a Championship than fit into one game and will only fuel the fire for those who want to see a playoff system.

  2. I’m on the record as being a proponent of a playoff system, and I’ve even created my own radical solution to the problem. But is there really a question that Alabama and LSU aren’t the two best teams in the country. Hate the BCS all you want, but that is it’s purpose.

  3. No it doesn’t prove anything involving Oklahoma State. It only proved that Alabama should have won the first match up with LSU. The Tigers offense was limited and if Bama had won the first LSU game we might have had a more interesting match up of Bama vs Oklahoma. St

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