What in the Hell Are the Lakers Thinking?

I cannot believe I am witnessing a championship-caliber franchise self destruct before my eyes.

After failing to land Chris Paul in a trade with the New Orleans Hornets in which commissioner David Stern rejected (thanks to some bullying by Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert and his crew), the Los Angeles Lakers traded Sixth Man of the Year Award winner Lamar Odom to the Dallas Mavericks – the defending champions, mind you – for a conditional draft pick and cash.  Odom was one of the players who was involved in the Paul trade, and apparently Odom’s feelings were severely hurt over it.

If you hear Kobe Bryant tell it, he was pissed over the Odom trade to the Mavs.

I have one question to ask: WHAT?

Actually, I have a few more questions.

What in the hell are the Lakers thinking?  Dealing a very good player to the defending NBA champions?  To a team which swept the Lakers out of the second round last year?


Let’s be clear about something: these moves were not GM Mitch Kupchack’s doing.

Nope, they were of the son of Lakers’ owner Jerry Buss – whatever his name is.  He clearly wants to put a different stamp on this team than that of his father’s.

I could debate why that may be the case all night long, but let’s just focus on the current facts.  The facts are that the Lakers suddenly look like a team with no sense of direction.

And that’s bad news for Lakers fans and Bryant’s future.

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