The Right Person Won the Heisman

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Baylor’s Robert Griffin III won the 2011 Heisman Trophy Saturday night.  And after years of questioning whether past winners were truly the best players in those given years, I came away with one thought.

Griffin was indeed the best college football player this season.

If you do not believe me, check out the highlight reels against Texas and Oklahoma.  Hell, just check out the 2011 reel on Griffin.

Without Griffin, Baylor is no better than a three-win team.

Now as for Stanford QB (and future #1 draft pick) Andrew Luck, he was over-hyped from Week 1 of the season.  Yes, I know: Luck had a good season.  However, he stunk up the joint against Oregon on national TV and his team lost a chance to compete for the Pac-12 and national titles.  He also did not look but so good against Cal the week after the Oregon loss.

I also would have given some consideration to LSU’s Tyrann Mathieu.  All the cornerback has done was make big play after big play – be it returning punts for scores on special teams or making interceptions on defense.

Nevertheless, the Heisman belongs to the player who performed when the spotlight was shining the most.  That person was Robert Griffin III.

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  1. I would agree, Griffin took his team from ok to great. No other player in this race was able to do near what he did for his team. This award should never be about whos team won, it should be about what player made the biggest diffence and gave their team a chance to win while playing at the top level.

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