Valentine Hire Good for Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox hired former ESPN baseball analyst Bobby Valentine as manager for the 2012 season.

This is a good hire on many levels.

First of all, the Red Sox needs an ass-kicker in the clubhouse.  Former manager Terry Francona was a players’ manager, and Boston needed a change in the clubhouse culture from the top.  If reports were true concerning certain guys dogging it at the end of the year and starting pitchers drinking beer and eating chicken on days they are not pitching, then Valentine is the right man to clean that (spit) up.

Valentine also knows the right buttons to push.  He will have a talented and underachieving team giving 110%.  Be rest assured that there will be no collapses under Valentine’s watch.

Valentine is a proven winner who will have the Red Sox heading in the right direction (unfortunately).  Hell, dude led the friggin’ New York Mets in the World Series for Christ’s sake!  He had the Mets competitive in a pro-Yankee town for several seasons.  Too bad he had a douchebag for a general manager (Steve Phillips) who didn’t appreciate him.

Enjoy the Valentine hire Red Sox Nation.  Just don’t run him out of town the way you did Francona.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. toosoxy says:

    Think he’ll bring his mustache?
    I’m just excited that my team made A decision, ANY decision.

    1. klownboy says:

      LOL, he just might – if you’re good ;).

      Your boys should be fine, as long as they let Valentine do his thing.

  2. wasteknot says:

    ass kicker? more like village idiot and first class fool – he will end up embarrassing himself and the sox

  3. wasteknot says:

    proven winner? what are you smoking?

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