Just Who Are the Ravens?

I do not know what to make of the Baltimore Ravens.

Is this the same dominant team that took out my Steelers twice, or the one who was spanked by the Titans?  Is this the same team who spanked the AFC South-leading Houston Texans, or the one who inexplicably lost to two God-awful teams on the road (Jaguars and Seahawks), and almost losing to a third at home (the Cardinals)?

Is this the team to beat in the AFC, or a flat-out pretender?

After another baffling loss to a “turrible” team in Seattle, I may have to re-think this “Ravens is the team to beat in the AFC” thing.  In fact, I don’t know if they are the team to beat in their own DIVISION!

The Ravens are a half-game behind my Steelers, and has a huge game against the battered, but resilient Bengals next week for a shot at tying Pittsburgh for the division lead.  If the Ravens lose that one, there will have to be a soul-searching moment for the team and coaching staff.

The offense is inconsistent.  Joe Flacco looks like a QB on the brink of greatness one week, and flat out ordinary the next.  The defense, while “beastly” good, failed to stop the Seahawks – the SEAHAWKS! – on third down with the game on the line.

Look, the rest of the season looks more than manageable for the Ravens, as they will get the Browns twice and hapless Indianapolis at home.  That should be three guaranteed wins.  However, those wins are needed because Baltimore will also play the Bengals twice, San Diego on the road, and San Francisco at home.

Given the Ravens’ bizarre play thus far, who the hell knows?

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