2011 NFL Week 7 Preview

Game of the Week

San Diego Chargers at New York Jets.  God bless Rex Ryan.  The (spit) talking Jets coach did it again, saying that if he were coaching the Chargers, he’d have at least two Super Bowl rings.  I just wish he didn’t “clarify” his comments and just stuck to what he said.  I did love the way Chargers’ coach Norv Turner responded.  Whos says the NFL is the “No Fun League” (I still do)?

At any rate, west coast teams traveling east for 1 PM games typically do not fare well.  Therefore, look for the Jets to come out and pounce on the Chargers early.  It will be close, but former Charger LaDainian Tomlinson will get revenge on Philip Rivers and company…  Jets 20, Chargers 17.

“What the Hell?” Game of the Week

Denver Broncos at Miami Dolphins.  Dolphins attention whore, errrr “owner” Stephen Ross made this Sunday “Gator Appreciation Day” (or whatever the hell it’s called) where the Florida Gators – not the Miami Hurricanes – national championship team will be honored.  So lemme get this straight: Ross is looking to get more butts in the seat by honoring a national championship team of the hometown university’s arch-rival in said hometown team’s stadium.  Someone needs to pull Ross’ ass aside and pimp-slap some sense into him.

Oh, as for the game, I guess Tim Tebow will do something to help the Broncos win.  Not that I give two damns… Broncos over Dolphins.

Ass-Whupping of the Week

Ravens over Jaguars.  I bet that the execs at ESPN are pissed as hell at this Monday Night matchup.  Nothing says “must-see”, prime-time TV like a lopsided matchup where the game will be over by halftime.  If any of you have the Ravens’ defense on your fantasy team, start and ride the hell out of them.  You should win your matchup on that defense alone.  While you’re at it, I’d play the lottery if I were you…  Ravens 35, Jaguars 7.

Sunday’s Games

Panthers over Redskins
Browns over Seahawks
Lions over Falcons
Buccaneers over Bears
Titans over Texans
Steelers over Cardinals (I am hoping my Steelers can right themselves before next week’s showdown with the Patriots)
Raiders over Chiefs (Carson Palmer is playing football after all…)
Cowboys over Rams
Packers over Vikings
Saints over Colts

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