Deep Thoughts on 2011 NFL’s Week 6…

Donovan McNabb is done as an NFL quarterback.  This really, REALLY hurts my heart to say this, but dude is done.  It’s one thing if things didn’t work out in one place (Washington), but in another place (Minnesota)?  McNabb looks uninspired since he was traded away from the Philadelphia Eagles a couple of years ago.  I thought that he would have a chip on his shoulder this year in what would be his last shot.  I guess I was wrong.

The Washington Redskins have a mess at quarterback.  Remember when I wrote “if Rex Grossman and Jon Beck are the answers, then what the hell are the questions”?  Well, we are now seeing that unfold before our very eyes.  Grossman single-handedly cost the Redskins that game against the Eagles last Sunday.  You should have seen those Redskins fans I watched that game with.  One of them looked as though he was curling into the fetal position.

It sucks to be Jason Campbell.  Man, talk about the NFL being a tough business.  Campbell arrived from Washington, plays decent and enters this year in the last year of his contract.  He broke his collarbone, and now his season is over.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, Carson Palmer was acquired in a trade to be the QB going forward.  That’s too bad because Campbell is such a good dude (from what I’ve read and heard).  Campbell should blame Kyle Boller for sucking so bad, allowing that trade to go down.

Why is Kyle Orton still a Denver Bronco?  This befuddles the hell out of me.  The Broncos made the move to bench Orton for his lackluster play for Tim Tebow.  Given that Orton is in the last year of his contract, why in the hell is he still around?  Everyone with half a brain knows that Orton will not be resigned in Denver next season.  That is why Orton should have been traded in the PRESEASON.  Instead, Orton came in, competed, and put the Broncos in a tough situation.  I guess Josh McDaniels left the team in a bigger mess than I thought…

The Bizarro World in the NFL is continuing.  The Raiders and Bills are still good (both at 4-2), and the 49ers and Lions are both 5-1.  To quote Vince Lombardi, “what the hell is going on out here?!”

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  1. Josh McDaniels left the team in a bigger mess than anyone could have thought. To inherit a team that collapsed on defense to get their Super Bowl winning coach fired and then draft Knowshon Moreno (with hamstrings apparently held together by scotch tape), change the running philosophy to one that none of the linemen on the team fit, trade four picks for a 3rd round at best quarterback project, and then just patchwork the defense with castoffs and retreads set the team back probably 3-4 years. If he ever gets another chance to make personnel decisions in the NFL, that team should immediately be contracted.

    • I agree with that. I have no idea what Pat Bowlen was thinking in giving that young prick all the keys to the organization. Allowing McDaniels to have ALL say on personnel decisions? Really? As soon as he drafted Tim Tebow in the first round I immediately thought “this fool just got himself fired”…

    • Agree with what you and Teddy said dude. I’m surprised McDaniels still has ANY job in the NFL. Hell, he may get Steve Spagnuolo fired in St. Louis with that sorry-ass offense he is running.

  2. I feel bad for Donavan but it looks bad for him. Maybe the eagles will bring him back to back up Vic! (doubt it) it looks like the eagles knew exactly what they were doing by getting rid of him

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