It’s Put Up or Shut Up for Tebow

Tim Tebow sycophants, errr I mean “fans”, have gotten their wish.  Their boy will be the starter of the Denver Broncos the remainder of the 2011 season, barring injury.

You know what, it’s not a bad move at all.

We all know the Broncos are not going anywhere this season, or anytime soon for that matter.  Might as well see what Tebow can do, right?

While they are at it, the Broncos could tailor the offense to fit Tebow’s skills.  They are doing so with Cam Newton in Carolina and look how well he is doing.  The only thing is if coach John Fox is that stubborn.

Look, this is a win-win all the way around.  The sycophants fans get to see Tebow play, and if he does well, then good for the future of the Broncos.  If not, then there is that Luck fellow that will be available in next year’s draft.

Memo to Tebow: you got your chance to be the man, so do the damn thing or else…


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  1. JAG says:

    Good article

    I think sychophant is a little strong. There are a few evangelical christians out there who may be pushing an agenda but I think most fans just want to see what he can do. The man was one of the most successful college QB’s over the last 25 years. He deserves a chance based on that. Mechanics? Throwing motion? Bah, Humbug. Let’s see what he can do.

    Denver spent a first round pick on him so the investment’s already made. I understand that it was a previous coach but, still.

    If you buy a house and find out that the previous owner left a riding lawnmower behind, you’re going to start it up and see how well it works, right? Like you said, nothing to lose at this point.

    1. klownboy says:

      Uh, sycophant is the appropriate term my man. Look at message boards concerning Tebow and you’ll see what I mean. Very creepy stuff…

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