Red Sox and Braves: Two Epic Choke Jobs

The baseball gods gave us something none of us could ever dream of.

It gave us not one, but TWO epic collapses that rank as the top two in Major League Baseball history.  How crazy was that?

First the Atlanta Braves came from ahead to lose to the Philadelphia Phillies in 13 innings.  The Braves managed to finish off choking away an 8 1/2 game lead over the St. Louis Cardinals (since September 6th) for the National League wildcard spot in the process (congrats to the Cardinals for winning the wildcard, by the way).  At the time it was considered the worst collapse in MLB history.

The Braves finished a forgettable September with an 9-18 record.  Before September, their record was 80-55!  And if that wasn’t a bad enough choke job…

The Red Sox finished off their choke job in epic fashion by blowing a 3-2 lead in the bottom of the ninth inning lead, losing to the sorry-ass Baltimore Orioles 4-3.

The Sox’ choke job was even worse than the Braves.  First of all, Boston had a nine game lead over the Tampa Bay Rays (BIG ups to the Rays making the playoffs) for the wildcard on September 3rd.  The Sox proceeded to go 7-19 after that (7-20 overall for the month).  Even sweeter (sorry Red Sox fans) was that their choke job was considered the bigger collapse over the Braves choke job.

So this was what the last night of the MLB regular season gave us: one epic choke job that was followed by an even MORE EPIC choke job.

Now I know what you Sox fans are thinking: those damn Yankees gave the series to the Rays by not even trying.  While I did think my Yankees coasted during much of the Rays series, we did have a 7-0 lead over the Rays last night before losing.  Sox fans should be blaming their own team for choking away such a huge wildcard lead.

Worse than that Sox fans, how in the hell did your team lose two of three to the Orioles with its season on the line?  Really?

As a Yankees fan, I’m going to take some time to savor this.

I have a feeling there are going to be some changes in Beantown during the offseason…

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  1. Hi Theklowntimes,
    On a similar note,, In the ALCS I got the AL East clash:The Red Sox vs the Yankees and Yankees get Home Field since I believe they will win the AL East. Great series that will be
    NLCS I see the NL East Clash:The Braves Vs The Phillies and of course Philly gets home field. Another great series to watch as well
    I see the Yankees beating Boston in 7
    I see the Phillies beating Atlanta in 6
    Setting up an epic rematch of the Yankees and Phillies:Part 2.
    Of course this is just my take on it. Who do u guys got in the ALCS and NLCS? And who will win those matchups and move on to the big stage?
    I’ll be back to read more next time

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