2011 NFL Week 4 Preview

Game of the Week

Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys.  Wow, the Lions are involved in a “Game of the Week”.  Bizarro world is en vogue in the 2011 NFL season.  At any rate, the Lions will be rolling into Dallas on an 3-0 high.  However, this is the first true tough road test they will face.  the Cowboys may be battered and bruised, but they are tough and play with a tremendous amount of pride.  The game will be close until the 4th quarter.  I think too much Ndamukong Suh is bad for Tony Romo’s health.  Lions 21, Cowboys 17.

Ass-whupping of the Week

Green Bay Packers over Denver Broncos.  Green Bay’s high-powered offense vs. Denver’s porous defense.  Green Bay’s fierce defense vs. an ordinary, mediocre Denver offense.  This game should be a blowout by halftime.  Packers 35, Broncos 13.

Sunday’s Games

Bears over Panthers
Bills over Bengals
Browns over Titans
Vikings over Chiefs
Redskins over Rams
Eagles over 49ers
Saints over Jaguars
Texans over Steelers (it hurts to type that, prove me wrong Steelers offensive line!)
Giants over Cardinals
Falcons over Seahawks
Raiders over Patriots
Chargers over Dolphins
Ravens over Jets

Monday’s Game

Buccaneers over Colts

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