Big Weekend for ACC Football

This is “Judgment Weekend” for Atlantic Coast Conference football – or as “Mark and Mike: The Insiders” on the local 620 AM The Buzz put it, “Just Win a Damn Game Weekend”.

This is a chance for the conference to redeem itself after last year’s debacle.  Let us recount the ways:

  • Florida State got its ass kicked at Oklahoma 47-17.
  • Maryland got thumped 31-17 at West Virginia.
  • Miami was pounded 36-24 at Ohio State.
  • Georgia Tech lost a 28-25 stunner at Kansas.
  • Clemson let Cam Newton and Co. get away at Auburn 27-24 in overtime.

This weekend will be rematches of all those games, only this time all of those ACC teams will be playing at home.  Therefore, there will be no excuses for the ACC this time around.  Besides, all of those teams are better this season (except maybe Georgia Tech).

The biggest challenge is obviously #1-ranked Oklahoma coming to Tallahassee to take on #5 Florida State.  There will be no shame if Florida State lost to Oklahoma – as long as it’s competitive (i.e. less than a 10-point margin).  As long as Florida State doesn’t get its ass kicked again, then it’s all good.

If those other ACC teams come out on the losing end this weekend, then the rest of America can forget about the ACC being a real football conference.  At least then Florida State will have an excuse to run to the SEC…

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