I am so, so sick and tired of these baseball “purists” who argue against instant replay, so I am going to keep this rant short.

The more Major League Baseball argues against instant replay, it’ll risk having games end like the Pirates-Braves game last night.  I’ll let you guys see for yourselves…

Memo to MLB: a) you’ve got the technology to help umpires get the call right, USE IT!  There is no excuse for continuing to remain in the dark ages; b) tell those “purists” to go to hell.

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  1. I’m not sure why this is such a sticking point. I agree bring on the instant replay. Sometimes umps make bad calls, sometimes they’re just questionable. Sometimes they should just want to recheck things. And just think about getting to the 19th and having something turn on a bad call.

  2. And, as you can see, the Pirates have stunk it up ever since…

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