No Credit to the NFL for Doing the Right Thing


That was what I yelled when the NFL and the NFLPA officially agreed on a deal that ended the NFL lockout earlier today.  Fantasy football players everywhere and yours truly are celebrating.

Pleasant thoughts aside, now let’s get real on one thing: this damn lockout should have never happened.  How was it so difficult to divide a $9 billion pie?  Why did the owners opt out of the previous CBA?  And finally, why did both sides wait so freaking long to get this resolved?

I said it once before, and I’ll say it again: screw the NFL owners for locking out the players.

Let’s be clear about something: none of the owners were losing money.  The league recently landed a $4 billion TV deal with the major networks (NBC, FOX, and CBS) as well as ESPN.  Most of the owners have favorable stadium situations (especially the Cincinnati Bengals’ sweetheart of a stadium deal).  Hell, even the fan-forgotten Jacksonville Jaguars were making money!

I thought was foolish and downright selfish for the owners to opt out what was a good thing for both sides – as I said earlier, EVERYONE was making money.  The owners came dangerously close to killing the fattest golden goose in all of sports.

Nevertheless, the NFL is back in business.  Hooray for the players for not caving to ownership.  And props to ownership doing the right thing by not screwing this up  – I guess.

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  1. I heard that the players will now get 55% of the TV earnings?! How does that work? That is going to be a crap load of money for all 1900 players or so. As in a couple $million or more each I’m thinking.

    I really don’t understand all the logistics of why this happened and who wanted what. I didn’t have time to read all of the long and boring articles about it and I could never find a short and sweet article that broke it down for those in a rush (or the mentally slow such as myself). 🙂

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