Woods Fired His Caddie: Who Cares?


I’m sure everyone knows about the “firing heard around the world” by now.

Tiger Woods clipped his caddie/good friend Steve Williams, with Woods stating he needs to make “changes” in his life.

Now people in the sports media are trying to interpret Woods’ rather cryptic statement and Williams’ candid response to see if there were anything more to the story.  One Yahoo! Sports blogger looked into the situation.  ESPN.com’s Bob Harig commented on what this might mean for Woods’ future.  Hell, ESPN.com has a “Tiger Tracker” for crying out loud!

All of this make me say: “who gives a damn?”

Why is everyone making such a BFD over Tiger firing his caddie?  Sure his caddie ran off with his mouth in the aftermath of Woods’ multiple extra-marital affairs.  Sure his caddie started caddying for Adam Scott while Woods bowed out of tournaments, which Woods apparently didn’t like (though he originally said he could).

Is all of this really worth flooding the sports news cycle?  It’s a golfer firing his damn caddie!  It happens.

All of this makes me realize how the NFL lockout is screwing up the sports world.  This is the time NFL talk should be dominating the air waves, not this other crap.


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  1. Diaz says:

    Man, I absolutely liked reading this post. You have convinced me to subscribe to your blog, but where can I find the RSS feed?

    1. klownboy says:

      Hey man,

      The RSS Feed is on the right-hand side of the page. It’s the link the reads “RSS My Ass!”

      Thanks for checking me out!

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