Our Women’s Soccer Team Choked

Disclaimer: this is one of the very few positive rants I will ever make on soccer.  Now without further ado…

First let me say that I am extremely proud of our women’s World Cup team.

They showed a lot of grit throughout the tournament, whether it’s playing through pain (Abby Wambach’s Achilles injury), overcoming adversity (bad calls in the Brazil game) or not stooping to the level of competition (the bush-league tactics of Brazil).  Our team’s “never say die” attitude captivated the nation throughout the tournament – and yes, I was watching.

That said, I have to be honest: our women’s team choked.  Big time.

First of all, while I do not know much about soccer, no team should blow a lead with only nine minutes left in regulation.  Our team took a 1-0 lead on Japan thanks to a beautiful goal by Alex Morgan in the 69th minute, only to give it back in the 80th minute on a defensive gaffe in front of our own net!

Unfortunately for us, it didn’t stop there.  Wambach scored during extra time for a 2-1 lead, only to lose it in the 117th minute on, you guessed it, another defensive breakdown.

Then it got worse during the penalty kicks.  Two blocks and a total whiff by our players later, and Japan walks away with the World Cup.

Simply put, we had the top-ranked team in the world and lost to a clearly inferior team in Japan.

If that doesn’t scream “choke job”, then I don’t know what does.

I’ll give credit where credit is due.  Japan did a helluva job in hanging in against us.  The Japanese withstood a furious challenge from us in the first half without wilting under the pressure.  Best of all, Japan came through when it counted in the end.

Having said that, let’s be honest about something here.  The better team did NOT win.  Anyone who watched the game knew that we should have scored AT LEAST THREE goals in the first half.  We had our chances, but could not cash them in.

However, as the Japanese demonstrated for the world to see, one does not have to be the better team in order to be the TOUGHEST team.

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  1. Stick to what you know, you even proclaimed to know very little about soccer, rendering the rest of that post useless. Check the dictionary (i.e. athlete) and spell peoples names correctly if you intend to use them in you posts (i.e. Jimmie Johnson). The few I read just seemed amature with BIG words and imperfections. I don’t intend to offend you but I am a critic by proffesion.

    • No man,

      You didn’t offend me at all. By the way, I will keep blogging, offering my viewpoints on news from the world of sports, no matter what sport it is. That’s what blogging is all about anyway – sharing one’s point of view on various subject matters. A collection of one’s thoughts, if you will.

      But thanks for checking out the blog!

  2. Hey Buddy – I think Klownboy does a fine job. He’s just jotting down his thoughts and ideas regarding sports. He doesn’t have an editor, researcher or fact checker. He works full time and has a family so give the brother a break.

    I can understand if you paid for a subscription but you didn’t. You’re a critic by profession? Most critics are given an assignment. They don’t just troll the internet looking for typos and then act like they’ve made a big discovery. By the way, profession doesn’t have two f’s, professor. LMAO


  3. As you stated, you clearly don’t know much about soccer. Should they have one? Yes. Did they choke? No. This sort of thing happens ALL the time in soccer, at all levels – google ManU vs Bayern Munich Champions League Final 1999. Something like 75% of goals in soccer are score in the 1st 5 min, last five min or 5 minutes after a goal. If you are calling a team losing that should have won a “choke job” the Yankees have choked 42 times this year. The Heat choked 24+ times last season. In soccer you can out shoot your opponent 25-3 and still lose 1-0. That’s is the beauty of the game. That’s why it’s so popular all around the world. Any team can win on any given day. We are a sports culture that is so focused on stats and odds… but none of that matters in soccer.
    Also, you have to realize that the women’s team went to multiple over times in a few games which took its toll on the ladies. Soccer isn’t a wussy sport where you can take a 2 minute breather and come back in. If your out, your out for good – no OT, no PKs. Heavy legs on the penalties didn’t help either. Just my opinions – and I played collegiate and professionally for a few years.

    • This is really the best pro-soccer argument I’ve seen yet.

      And you know what,you are absolutely right. A lot of times stats and odds do not apply to soccer a whole helluva lot. A lot times, the better soccer team does not always win.

      By the way, how long did you play professionally?

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