Rich-Rod Never Fit in at Michigan

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To no one’s surprise, the University of Michigan fired embattled coach Rich Rodriguez this morning.

Let’s face it, this was a bad hire from day one.

Rodriguez never fully embraced Michigan’s history and tradition.

For starters, he gave the #1 jersey – which is meant for the top wide receiver – to another position player.  He brought in the spread offense that never jibed with the ground and pound Big Ten.  His defenses were like Swiss cheese – hell, I could get 10 other dudes off the street and we’d hang 30 points on his defense.

The worst part of the Rich-Rod Experience was his team’s abysmal performance in the Gator Bowl.  They lost by 38 POINTS (the largest margin of defeat ever in a bowl game) to Mississippi State of all teams!

Hell, his team was actually thrilled to win SEVEN games to even qualify for a bowl in the first place!  Last I checked, Michigan expects to win AT LEAST NINE GAMES a year in football.

Look, there is only one way to right the wrong of bringing in Rich-Rod in the first place: hire Les Miles from LSU.  He’s a “Michigan man”, and LSU never fully embraced nor appreciated Miles’ success in the bayou.  Stanford coach Jim Harbaurgh is headed for the NFL, so Miles is the next best option.

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